EOS faces downtime within 48 hours of go live. Issue fixed now?

Within 48 hours of going live, EOS mainnet went down or was “paused”. According to multiple instances on twitter and steemit about this on June 16th. The block producers and other responsible team…


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Poetry. Poetry. Poetry

My father had a subscription
To a small Gujrati journal of poetry
That came to us once a month
Titled, not very imaginatively, Kavita.
I used to look upon that slim book
As if it was magical.
I didn’t understand many words
But they were fluid when you read aloud
And the type was set as if it was a painting.

My father taught me my first poem
To recite for a competition,
The Rainbow by William Wordsworth.
Ever since then my heart always leaps up
When I see a rainbow in the sky.
That’s the only way I know rainbows,
The way Wordsworth meant them to be.

When I was five I got so excited
About poetry that I boasted, I wrote one.
I stood in the centre of the adoring circle
Of my family to recite my first ever poem
In the sing-song way we were taught as kids.
“Poetry, poetry, poetry, poetry, poetry, poetry
Poetry, poetry, poetry, poetry, poetry, poetry”
I was hooked.

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