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Why do we Need January 1st?

A calendar page doesn’t make any difference

Today is November 30th and it’s my birthday. It also marks the day when November is over and I can begin thinking about Christmas and a brand new year.

I refuse to entertain holiday thoughts before my birthday has come and gone.

2020 will soon be upon us and this will be the the first NYE in 13 years that I won’t be sending my ex-husband a happy anniversary text. I divorced him this year for no other reason than to finally file my taxes as divorced, rather than separated.

No one knew we were married anyway, the texts were just a running joke between the two of us.

I usually like to spend new years eve trolling Facebook, watching everyone’s profound “new year, new me” posts roll out as the night progresses.

Nobody ever posts about what an epic year they’ve had. Instead, each year that passes seems to have been another a shit show, said everyone ever. A year of tribulations, struggles, and strife.

If 2019, or any other year has been a shit show for anyone, it’s because they allowed it to be.

I bet if we all looked back at our new years posts from years gone by, we probably wrote the exact same things each year. We made some broad declaration about how everything was going to be different and better, simply because we get to flip the calendar to a new page.

I’m not going to say anything profound in a new year post because the reality is that we can wake up any day of the year and decide to change our lives, turn over a new leaf, make healthier choices, start new blogs, etc. It’s just that we don’t.

No one ever wakes up on a Tuesday and says, “Yaay! This is going to be the best fucking Tuesday ever!”

It’s a little comical how everyone who has had negative experiences throughout a year needs to “walk away from it like…..”

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