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Boy has it gone fast


Thank you for letting me post on our Tech blog. I am keen to use this as a way of updating you all on what’s happening in MediaMarktSaturn Technology from time to time. Please do give me feedback so we can make this a meaningful way of communications for those interested in our development.

I have now been here for two months and boy has it gone fast! I have really enjoyed meeting lots of colleagues and learning about our business. I have been to Turkey and Spain and have plans to go to Holland, Poland and Italy as well as visit stores around Germany. After all we are retailers and the best way to get intimate with our business is through our stores, the teams of our web and smartphone shops.

I have spent time understanding our business and technology challenges and am excited about how we can all work together to help digitise our business and deliver real value through technology.

What I clearly see is, that over the last 2 months we have

1 made significant progress on our transition to a product centric organisation with 24 product teams now stood up and another 12 getting mobilised

2 transitioned into our technology chapters and launched MediaMarktSaturn Technology, our new identity

3 Defined our technology strategy that will enable us to modernise how we do technology and deliver greater value at pace to our business

The second point, becoming MediaMarktSaturn Technology, is more than just a name change. It defines our ambition, to be a modern technology company delivering value for our customers and colleagues every day. I want us to be the best technology organisation in retail in the world and truly believe we can be.

Our technology strategy gives us the framework to do this and we need to all embrace this. I am hoping that over the next 6 months we will

1 have established most of our products

2 have embraced API first so our systems talk to each other via these

3 have moved away from long multi-year programme to smaller deliveries prioritised by value

4 Have automated our pipeline and manual testing

5.Have delivered key online tanks our strategic programmes, new web and mobile, order management, supply chain and platform rollout.

This is quite an ambition but will set us up well to become MediaMarktSaturn Technology.

I am sure as we start to move away from our traditional way of working and move towards adopting Value, Flow and Quality we will start to deliver more great things for our customers as well as our colleagues and I look forward to hearing about these stories as I meet more of you in the coming weeks.

In the meantime any feedback on this blog or any questions that you may have please do ping me.


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