How to Train Your Mind to Think Positively

With the anxiety about Corona Virus everywhere it is difficult to think positive. Everyone is susceptible to negative thinking and that makes them overthink about the problems in life and…


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7 Hidden Mac Tricks You Probably Never Knew About

If you knew these tricks, you’re no less than a macOS pro

Many of my pals refused to buy Macs saying they aren’t very customisable, and lack tricks they got used to with the Windows machines.

But that’s false. Bold period.

Apple has only hidden many tricks — which are to be discovered and used regularly for a cozy Mac experience.

Here I tell you 7 of such hidden tricks that give you a solid Mac experience.

Observe the picture above. Do you find any difference between your System Preferences and the above one?

(Obvious) A. It has lesser settings.

I hid my lesser used settings so the window looks cleaner. Here’s how you can do it too.

Go to System Preferences ⚙️ < View (At the top) < Customise . Now uncheck all the settings you don’t need on the page. And click Done at the top.

Mac brightness
Screenshot by the author

A Mac has 16 levels of screen brightness. Pressing F1 or F2 increases or decreases it level-by-level. But, let me tell you your Mac actually has 64 levels of brightness.


Instead of pressing F1 or F2, press Shift + Option + F1 or F2 to have smaller increments and decrements. This gives you granular control.

I always use ‘⌘+Shift+5’ and select the Capture Selected Portion to snip a specific portion of my screen. This is difficult as I have to align the existing snipper to the portion I need.

However, I lately discovered an easier alternate way to do it.

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