A Wing and a Prayer

One of the many great privileges I have as a Pastor in a church is to preside at a funeral worship service. I always pray that I can be used by God to help bring hope in the midst of the deep sting…


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The Simple Mindset Shift That Will Move You from Feeling Hopeless in Your Career Progression to Totally Empowered


Everything is a choice

Today I was moved by a simple yet extremely powerful quote from a fantastic coach and friend. This simple shift in thinking hit home in so many ways and can be related to everything we do, whoever we are.

As a Careers Coach, I have immediately tied this into our working life and career choices, as it really demonstrates how we have control over our careers and the way we live our lives, simply by the way we choose to view our situation.

This is what he said to me:

So what does this mean?

Well, every day we have an unlimited number of experiences and we place certain meanings onto each of these. So for example, if it’s raining, we might see this as negative.

“The rain has hampered my plan of cycling to work.”

However, what we need to remember is that we can choose a meaning for everything that happens. We always have a choice. We can see rain as ruining our plans outside, giving it a negative connotation, or we can see it as an opportunity for our gardens to get much-needed water.

In a careers context, we can decide that we are no good at interviews because we got a rejection letter, or we can assign a more positive meaning to that situation and consider the fact that this was the first interview in many years for a very competitive position. Even getting an interview was an achievement and it is practice under our belt.

In essence, we can assign meaning to anything and we can choose whether that meaning brings us down and stunts our progress or empowers us and inspires us.

What is your narrative?

In my day-to-day work, I support mums returning to work after taking time out to raise a family. Many…

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