Useful Python tricks you should know before your coding interview

Take three days to practice and get a job as a software engineer. 17 Python questions and answer that are most valuable and useful during the interview.


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Exploring Foreign Cultures Through Your Taste Buds


Traveling is more than just sunsets and pristine beaches

Credit: Anne Bonfert

We look at the menu. There are no pictures of the dishes served and we can’t read the symbols. "This is gonna be fun”, my husband says. While others might have gotten up and left, we decided to stay. We were in for an adventure.

Currently living in Thailand, we often encounter situations like these. Since we don’t live in a touristy area and don’t visit European restaurants, we often struggle to read the local menu.

While we can’t read the Thai alphabet, we often order our dishes by pointing at pictures and the foods displayed. Thai menus often include photographs of the meals being served.

But not so much in this local restaurant next to our residential complex. But instead of giving up, we ordered a beer and dove into the translation apps.

Credit: Anne Bonfert

It was our first time fully working with a translation app in order to read the menu. We often go for lunch to a local restaurant next to our work place but order our dishes in Thai. We can order a handful of meals in Thai. But that’s about it.

And since we love trying new dishes and exploring different restaurants we get a new experience every time we go out.

Here we go, together with the app we find the salads, soups, and rice dishes. We can separate meat from seafood dishes and noodles from fried vegetables. Even though we don’t fully know what each of the meals looks like, we’ve got an idea of what to order.

When we go to a restaurant we usually order a few starters or small dishes and share them between us. That way we can try a huge variety of foods.

One of the meals I chose from the translation app was called “waterfall”. Simply because I had no idea what it was. Unfortunately, the waiter crossed her hands for me since she couldn’t even say the widely-spread “no-have” the Thais use so often.

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