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Ev Finally Responds To All Your Whining About Medium Dying

With yet another glitch🙄

**Updated** 27th December 2021**

In the past few months, there have been Medxit (Medium exit), and rumors of Medxit. Stories of doom and gloom about the platform and how top writers are walking away. Reads are less in some cases. Earnings are drooping in others.

Hence the mass exodus.

Writers who choose to remain continuously fill the home page and my recommended with stories that typically spell Medigue (Medium Fatigue).

What these writers have had to say.

There have been stories about whether writers’ reduced earnings are because of the new referral bonus. Or not. So many questions. So little answers.

Well, Ev finally has a response. If you feel so much angst that your earnings are low, Leave the Partner’s program.

Screenshot by Author

No, you don’t have to leave Medium entirely since you have a passion for writing. We can accommodate you. However, instead of whining about Medium’s doomsday because your money reduced, you can stop seeing the money altogether. Good idea, right?

Well, I decided to be the martyr for all and clicked. Just to see where it takes me, so I can advise you.

But, like a soldier entering the line of fire to give his life for his comrades, only to discover that the enemy’s gun is unloaded. That feeling of trepidation first and malicious laughter next.

I clicked, and this happened.

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