Some TenX PAY Token Clarifications After Statements By SEC

We would like to follow up on our previous blog post published on 5 December 2017 and address potential questions you may have with respect to the recent statement made by the Chairman of the SEC and…


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I Want to Get Rich Fast

There are at least 52 books online with my name on it

Buying books and actually reading them are two different hobbies. You can have hundreds of books and still have read only two of them. Some people won’t even read that two books but love the full-length bookcases with beautiful books with rich colours and beautiful designs.

In older times, if you were rich, a beautiful library is a must. That is what would make the girl fall in love with the rude guy. If he has a library, he can't be that bad — the thought going in their minds.

Then there is my small library and my beautiful kindle. Sometimes I wish I had bought paperback or hardcover books instead of the kindle version, but you can carry kindle everywhere, and I am always reading at least three books simultaneously, so kindle makes sense.

Some people want to be rich and buy a Ferrari. Then there is me. I want to be so rich that all my books are hardcover, not paperback or kindle. I want to buy three sets of the same book because they changed the cover and the new cover is more beautiful and not even feel guilty for buying 50 books per month knowing I only have time to read 5 books.

So I want to be rich.

If I get too rich (like a billionaire), maybe I will open a library. I always knew I would be a good librarian. Surrounded by books and all the quiet. But it would hurt me to see people taking the books away from me. I think I am selfish when it comes to books, but people always ruin them. They would fold the pages and ruin the spine.

The moment I say this, I am again looking at the books sitting on my nightstand at the bottom of the pile, waiting for me to read them. But the moment I finish with the ones on the top, I add other books, and the one on the bottom stays at the bottom.

Sometimes I feel they are staring at me and judging me, especially when I buy new books and read them while they are still sitting there waiting to be read.

My TBR pile keeps increasing day by day, and I have so much work to do that reading has taken a setback. I still read every day but not so much that I feel satisfied. Though can you ever be satisfied with how much you read? The more I read, the more I want to…

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