New official regulation for cryptocurrencies in Russia

The Russian lobby of supporters of a state regulation of cryptocurrencies is growing. In a list with instructions to the Federal Assembly, President Putin demanded official regulation for…


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Why clean coding is important

Being a good developer doesn’t mean writing the most sophisticated code,its being a team player(for your team to be able tom understand your code). Team players don’t write messy messy or spaghetti codes. learning to write clean codes is hard work, it requires more than just knowledge of programming ad software development. The problem is that their are so many practices and tips on this subject, and it can be quite overwhelming.As a result, it can be hard for a developer to choose and practice such tips. In this article we would be discuss the importance of clean coding and why your codes should be clean.

clean codes saves valuable time and resources.

Have you being significantly impeded by a bad code? well i have and its really frustrating and annoying, because the degree of slow down can be significant. A team working on a project at the initial stage tends to move at a fast speed, but that progress level tend to drop as the project advances you know why? Every change a team member makes to the code,breaks two or three other parts of the code. Every addition or modification to the system automatically changes the code structure and makes debugging really difficult when the code structure is in a spaghetti mode.

Every addition or modification to the system requires that the tangles, twists, and knots be “understood” so that more tangles, twists, and knots can be added. Over time the mess becomes so big and so deep and so tall, they can not clean it .As the mess builds, the productivity of the team continues to decrease and the team would eventually have no option left other than redesigning the whole system. you as a developer can avoid all this trouble in the future by just observing this few guidelines.

Use meaningful names

Names are everywhere in software development. we name our variables, function, arguments, classes, div tags and ID’s. we name our source files and the directories that contain them. Choosing good names takes time but it also saves time, the names you choose for your classes, function, variables etc should tell you why they exist, what it does and how to use it.

Use pronounceable words

if you cant pronounce it, you cant discuss it. try as much as possible to use pronounceable names in naming your variables, classes, functions, packages and ID’s. Because pronounceable names make intelligent conversation and code review possible.

Use Searchable Names

Avoid using single letters names and numeric constants ,because the have a particular problem in that they are not easy to locate across a body of text.


Nothing can be more helpful like a well place comment. Commented codes saves you and your team a lot of stress, sometimes comments goes beyond just useful information about the implementation of a particular line of code, but provide reason behind a decision.

Writing clean codes is an essential part of being a developer, if you wish to be remarkable in your career as a developers i suggest you pick and practice any of the guidelines .

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