Data x A Great New World

Day 19. Thoughts penned; something introspective. #66daysofdata #preprocessing #design #armchairthinking What many would say are key features of data today, and what we typically learn in a “Data…


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No Control


I know its been a while since we’ve been talking, and getting to know you better is keeping me hooked. I can never really tell you how amazing you are as a person and how interesting you are to my overly curious mind. I wasn’t supposed to like you, nor was I suppose to keep talking to you, but you were like catnip to a feline and I couldn’t resist.

I couldn’t just stop. But I was nearly crossing a line I shouldn’t dare cross.

The more I avoided you, the more I tried to not message you, and the more I tried to forget you, made me want you more. It’s the feeling of danger and the rush of blood when you want something you can’t have.

I remember hanging out with you one night at the balcony like it was nothing, and it was, quite honestly nothing at that time. I remember drinking that half glass of beer you poured me as you went on complaining about work and all the other things that annoyed you. I sat there, I listened, but I didn’t feel anything at all. You were supposed to be just another guy.

But these nights became frequent, we had spontaneous nights out of town, drinking and just talking about anything. Bottle after bottle of beers and wine, long drives and cold nights we spent just talking and being honest with each other about everything, but never questioning this thing we have between us.

This might be pointless and it must be the stupidest thing I would ever do. I’ll see you on the 6th, pencil it in. Wait, scratch that, save the date and I’ll figure out what this is.

It’ll be just you and me, alone in a room, far away from all our friends who’ve told us how wrong this will be. Far away from everything that will tell us that we shouldn’t, Far away from the girl who held your heart for years. I’ll prove to myself that this is nothing. I’ll show you that this us, doesn’t really exist. We were just enjoying each others company, we just wanted the chance to be heard and understood.

No room for love, Just FRIENDSHIP.

After this night, a night I hope to be a mess, we will never look back and we will keep this wonderful and sad secret locked in the farthest part of our minds. That in this one night I spent with you, I’ll realize.

Fuck this, I’m in love with you.

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