Why do we only get one free credit report in a year? Why is it that credit scores go down when you check it?

Why do we only get one free credit report in a year? Why is it that credit scores go down when you check it? I dont understand why we cant be entitled (through the gov) to view our credit…


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Lighting in Unity Game Engine

Light is an amazing thing that I realize how grateful I am to observe and understand. Light is an element that stimulates sight which enables our ability to actually see things. Glorious photons I would be lost without you. Anyway, this article is about lighting in Unity Game Development Editor and Engine. Just about as cool as the real-life thing with a twist. You get to be the creator of the lighting in your world/game. There are 4 light sources to use in Unity I will quickly fill you in on.

Directional Light in Unity

That brings us to the first one in my order of Directional Light. Directional light has the behavior like our Sun to Earth. The light will emit infinitely and illuminate the entire scene like it is daylight. If rotated you will get the effect of it being at different times of the day. You have the controls of your own sun actually. Helps you set the lighting for a scene or an area, and helps with showdown effects around objects. It is pretty realistic. Check the sample out below.

Point Light in Unity

Spot Light in Unity

The spot light is like a point light in the way that it has a specific range and location. Light intensity will fall off over the range distance. You can adjust the intensity. A difference is the spotlight is constrained to an angle and has a cone shape illumination region.

A good example of a spotlight is a flashlight in a game. But also can be used to highlight objects within the game the developers want you to look at/to give more life to a scene for more player emergence. I have a spotlight highlighting a mech bot you can see in the sample below.

Area Light in Unity

This light type might be used for stuff like a realistic street lamps and house interiors. The shading is softer than other light types and tends to offer a slightly more realistic effect than a point light.

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