Understanding Transformation of Random Variables using Python

A random variable is a numerical description of the outcome of a statistical experiment. It can be discrete or continuous depending upon the outcome of experiment. We would be looking at two kinds of…


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Snapchat is launching a mentorship and funding program for 25 Black creators

“Black creators face unique systemic barriers across the creator industry — from disparities in compensation and attribution, to toxic experiences and more,” Snap says. “We believe one of the ways we can help remove some of those barriers is to provide mentorship and financial resources to emerging Black creators in the early stages of their professional career.”

The resources Snap says it will offer selected applicants range from monthly stipends and mentoring to early access to product updates.

First, Snap will give each participant $10,000 per month for 12 months “to support the applicants’ creative endeavors.” They’ll also get an upgrade to Snapchat Star status, be invited to provide feedback on new Snapchat features, and receive a Google Pixel 7 Pro.

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