The Harvey Weinstein Scandal is Revealing the Hypocrisy of a Nation

Stories of sexual harassment and assault which started with actresses Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd have expanded into a mushroom cloud of accusations from some of the entertainment industry’s most…


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To The Cis Men Who Are Very Loudly Angry About Forced Pregnancy Legislation in the Comments of Our Facebook Posts

1. Be intentional with where, when, and how you’re venting your anger. Know that your anger can be triggering — comfort in; dump out.

2. Listen when we talk about our health care choices. Ask if we’d like input before interjecting.

3. Share what material actions you’re taking to fight forced pregnancy legislation. Use that as a call to action to organize with other men. Get each other mobilized & involved.

4. Remember that it’s not just women.

5. Be kind. This is a nightmare. 🖤

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