3 Reasons To Write At The Library

As a freelance writer, I have the privilege of working anywhere that has a power outlet and free wifi. I do most of my work from the comfort of home but also enjoy writing at coffee shops. One of the…


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First Date

We met at a cafe by a busy street

My mocha tasted like chocolate milk

There wasn’t a note of coffee in sight

The fall leaves were coming in

A leaf fell into my cold cup

A cup I had left alone

I hadn’t even picked it up after the first taste

I didn’t feel like I needed to fill up time with tasting

Sipping, holding, silence

Darted eyes away from my gaze

You were so shy

I wanted to hold your hand

The wind picked up on our walk

The shops were bustling but I caught your eye

Fire towers kept customers at the restaurant warm

As warm as my face felt

When we shared our goodbyes

And you stole a kiss

And I just was overwhelmed with warmth

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