Allowable Versus Unallowable Meal Costs

There is no one answer to whether meal expenses are allowable or unallowable because it depends on the circumstances. To determine allowability check the circumstances surrounding the expense. If you…


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Am I On The Spectrum?

Maybe I’m Just OCD

Eat all of the broken pretzels first. Then count the number of whole pretzels you have. If you have an even number, start eating them with the left side of your mouth. Otherwise, start with the right. Alternate sides for every pretzel you eat until you finally end on the right side. That was one of my quirks growing up.

Pretzels notwithstanding, I had a few other quirks that I can recall, although I am sure there are others.

I memorized every staircase in school. I knew which foot to start with so that I could go up or down by twos until I reached the end with my right foot.

One of my earliest memories is from a time when I was playing with legos. I built four large towers; the first tower was red, the second was yellow, and the last two were green and blue respectively. They were neatly placed on the coffee tables on either side of the couch.

When I was a little older, I built an army of lego dinosaurs. I would line all of the little dinosaurs up, with each dinosaur being a single solid color. They would take up half of the couch, all facing the same direction.

I’m not sure if this one qualifies, but in third grade, we learned how to do long division. Instead of being a normal kid and being happy with dividing a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number, I had to take it a step further. I literally filled the entire length of a piece of paper with one gigantic number, and divided it by another number. I needed to tape on a second and third piece of paper just to finish the problem.

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