Semua ada batas minimumnya

Ada batasan yang mungkin saja tak selalu kita mengerti. Bahwasanya dalam segala sesuatu biasanya ada batasan paling minimum agar kita tak menjadi bagian yang paling buruk. Seperti halnya apabila kamu…


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Make use of your data even more.

have you ever thought of what your favourite companies go through in order for them to keep creating wonderful products that you need?

Most people haven't well let me tell you about what they go through every time .

For companies to get to know what consumers need their have to acquire their personal data , this personal data comprises of your browsing history, online shopping history the way there can acquire this is from data brokers .

Databrokers collect personal data from different people and sell it to companies without the knowledge of the actual owners , because there is no other way companies can get this personal data they are forced to buy it from databrokers.

databrokers take advantage of this and charge high fees from the company's for a small amount of data.

Companies purchase this data because they need to grow their companies and to satisfy you consumers .

This is just a taste of what your favourite companies go through before they can have the data they need to upgrade their products and services .
You can help ease this process for them by joining pdatatoken ICO by joining the ico you will also be helping yourself.

Opiria pdata Platform aims to create the first marketplace for the secure trading of personal data in a transparent and trusted way through the use of blockchain .

This new market place will be decentralized and blockchain based it to provide for companies in the perfect means of having the personal data they need directly from owners.
The marketplace will use smart contract this will eliminate any middleman from the transactions.

For the company's they have a new trusted means of having personal data directly from the owner's, they will pay less for the data,
and most importantly the data they get is geniune because they get it directly from the owner with the consent of the owners.

For the sellers they get to have value for their personal data most didn't even know they had , they know who has their personal data which gives you control over it, they save money from protecting their personal data and most importantly you have a new source of revenue .

Opiria pdata Platform we provide these benefits and many more to all it users.

This platform is giving you all a chance to join their TGE hurry up and join .
Time is running.

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