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There is lots of cool stuff in the new iOS 16 update

Sara Cervera / Unsplash

The iOS 16 update is chock full of new features:

-Customized lock screen.
- Customizable notifications.
- Increased flexibility of the Focus feature.
- Battery percentage indicator in numbers. (Finally.)
- Track your medications directly on iPhone and Apple Watch.
- Set up iPhoto to remove duplicates automatically.
- Can edit and “unsend” messages.
- Use Private Acccess Tokens to skip CAPTCHAs.
- Apple Pay Later — break up a purchase over several payments with no fees or interest.
- Tap and hold an object in a photo and remove all other background. Object can then be added to a message.
- SharePlay now works withing the Messages app.
- new Safety Check feature for people in abusive relationships.
- add money to fare cards within Apple Maps.
- iCloud lets parents set up a new device for a child quickly.
- can now pair Nintendo Switch Joy-con.
- lock Hidden and Recently Deleted albums and add password.
- Pin tabs in Safari.

Features I’ve asked for but still waiting on:

- packable parachute to quickly bail out of bad relationships.
- extra napkins.
- big rubber hand that pushes cars hanging back from entering intersection when turning left.
- laundry detergent sprayer for sudden spills.
- nose hair mirror for last minute checks.
- food fiber content scanner.
- eyeglass cloth.
- golf ball line marker.
- floss pick.
- Football Vegas spread update scroller.

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