Embracing the Power of Consensual Leadership

Humans most often seek an absolute definition of leadership. We want a concrete technique or job description to go with our leadership role. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that simple, if it always…


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Do You Think Releasing That Information Changed Moral Values Over The Internet?

Hi Wael Ghonim My name is MD Hossain, a Junior (Year 1), at Bard High School Early College Queens. I am currently enrolled in an Internet and Society class at my school where we talk about how the Internet has an affect on modern day society. Turns out, while researching about you moments ago, I have encountered a few articles about how you have taken a strong position of being an online activist!

You release your thoughts through twitter, which causes a sudden stir of events leading you to be tortured for 11 days, hell on earth. Even though you were constantly pressed, that never stopped you to release that information throughout the internet. In today’s world, the internet can be seen as a good or bad thing, but I believe with facts stated and it showing how people can change the world in a way in which these things will never happen again. That is the beauty of the internet, with your experience, and educating people about how cruel the world truly is, it would bring out the best in people and help society in a way in which the people won’t let that happen again. I appreciate you once again for your bravery to just put the points out there and let the people know exactly what this world has become into.

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Dengan berbagai fitur didalamnya, seperti absensi siswa, guru, organisasi, dan fitur lainnya seperti E-Rapor, E-Vote, E-Suggestion, Segitiga emas komunikasi dengan orang tua dan sekolah, Ayo Care…