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Who Is Behind

The developers behind hope to create the largest trading liquidity pool, which will comprise TradeToken holders, to benefit those holders. Their goal is to eventually become the leader of platforms for trading multiple types of financial assets while using the blockchain technology. Users can choose from three platforms, including a mobile one, Classic, and Nitro.

TradeTokens are the cryptocurrency associated with TradeTokens are known as TIOs. The TradeToken is essentially a utility token which participants use for their transactions across the full range of assets. With the TradeToken, investors can participate in the shared liquidity pool. They can also use it to buy new IPOs and issues via the exchange.

Cryptocurrency is still known as a relatively risky investment, which is why takes numerous steps to improve the security of any investment. prides itself on being the gold standard within the blockchain fintech space. It strictly follows all the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures and meets the regulatory requirements for investment banks.

To give you further confidence, the team as a whole has decades of experience, including on Wall Street and in other areas. It also works closely with global financial regulators for additional financial protection. In fact, has hired some of the biggest names in the banking compliance world. In the near future, it also hopes to get a Swiss Banking license and an exchange license, both of which have strict requirements that further enhance investments’ protection.

The team behind includes advisors and management from fintech, blockchain, investment banking, and trading, allowing for a diverse range of influences and experiences that can contribute to the platform’s success. Every transaction on will include an indelible receipt, thanks to blockchain technology; this ensures that the clients always experience complete transparency.

While most trading platforms stick to a single type of asset, allows for trading multiple assets, helping both individuals and financial institutions. You also have the ability to help with new and existing funds, helping them raise funds or become listed on the exchange. A huge difference from other similar platforms is that is fully compliant with all the required regulations: KYC, AML, and compliance.

The liquidity pool also differentiates it from other platforms as it has multiple revenue streams, each of which is transparent. Just some of these include transactional proceeds and margin financing. There are even daily distributions for the participants in the liquidity pool, which they will receive directly in their e-wallet in either fiat or cryptocurrency. The use of the TradeToken makes participating in the liquidity pool incredibly simple, particularly compared to other trading platforms.

One of’s goals is to create the largest trading liquidity pool, which will provide benefits to the TradeToken holders. To help with trading, about 50 million TradeTokens, which is around 10 percent, will enter the liquidity pool. uses the latest technologies to provide a secure and quick experience. It uses Web 2.0 Layer, which is built on a combination of C#.Net, CSS, HTML, and Javascript. It includes scripting language, technical analysis, and charting features. The data will be stored in the Azure cloud platform, which uses Web 2.0, BigchainDB/IPDB, and IPFS/SWARM technologies. The system also uses the Raiden network and Ethereum mainnet to create the P2P trading platform. should make it significantly easier for clients to invest in a range of assets. While most current exchanges focus on a single type of asset,’s ability to accommodate over 120 types makes it a valuable tool. The compliance with regulations and extensive experience of the management team should provide investors with further peace of mind and help ensure this platform’s success.

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