Purpose is Something Worthwhile for an Artist to Figure Out!

The answer to my question is shown in the above photo. Here I am painting on the right with two of my art friends painting with me. We were invited to paint at Gibbs Gardens in North Georgia for a…


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Women changing institutions

My inquiry question this week focuses on equality for women. My question is, Why were women less likely to change an institution? I am interested in learning more about this topic because I want to know why women had a harder time and how gender rights played a role in changing institutions. I am curious to know what were the steps and how long it took to change what they wanted to change. Finally, I think this is an important topic because, gender equality is something that is has been happening for years, and women should be treated equally just like their peers who are men.

2. Sentence: growing activism on the abortion issue

3. 3 Examples: domestic violence, bullying, sexual harassment

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