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How To Detect Damaged Car Parts By JPG Image With An API

Detecting damaged car parts has never been easier. Try this car API and detect those flawed parts by JPG image. Let’s start!

If we go over history we can see one thing in common: growth. Innovations and advances are part of our narrative as a society. What is old today used to be a revolutionary idea and tomorrow will happen the same. What we see as innovative will become old history, but that’s the beauty of always going up.

We started drawing in stone, then paper, paintings came, photographs arrive, and so on. Evidently, society started advancing, and with it the artifacts and technologies surrounding it. Now, we’re at a point that could seem imaginable to our ancestors and even grandparents. Not only can we exchange photos and images with people but we can obtain information through them.

Yes, it is possible to detect a number of things thanks to images if we combine them with the power of APIs. For example, there exist vehicle APIs that have the power to detect damaged parts of cars by JPG images. Hence, if you own a business that works directly with the arrangement of cars you should invest in one. This will help your company enhance and go up.


An API is an application programming interface that just like photos, represents a great advance. These tools which came up in 2000 and have been constantly growing, are a set of techs that permit programs to receive data. APIs allow businesses to enrich their space and performances with information.

Hence, a vehicle damage API will do exactly this. This API opens the door to simplifying inspection activities. Moreover, it will enhance the experience of your clients. With a car API, they can just send a photo of the car helping them save money and time. This API is key for both the client and the business.

Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for car insurance companies. This way they can provide a car damage estimate. Also, this will help calm the nerves of clients by having to deliver the car, waiting for the cost of the damage, and more.

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