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Eu tenho duas meninas que vieram da internet com essa história de gênero, de ideologia não sei o que lá. Esses dias a mais nova quis passar um vídeo numa apresentação no colégio e deu briga, até me…


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World of Women Galaxy

Bringing World of Women to a new, larger dimension. Together.

It is hard to believe World of Women is only a bit more than 4 months old. If World of Women was a human, she wouldn’t even crawl yet.

Actually, it’s been 4 months

World of Women was launched on the night of July 27th with very clear goals in mind: bring more visibility to women and more diversity in the NFT space.

From a tweet that made us cheer in Paris to meeting Gary Vee in person in Miami

Oh yeah… and MC Hammer also got a WoW. Can’t touch this.

Also, the WoW Team has grown! We are so happy to have onboarded Yen, Kashvi, and Dani to our team in the past few months to work on community, communications, and artist relationships. WoW would certainly not be the same without these fantastic women.

Red Hood by Arief Wijaksana, sent to Flaming Ember WoW holders in November 2021

Giving visibility and helping emerging artists is one of our core missions and we are just at the beginning of this creative journey.

Diamond in the Sky by Tina Eisen

We also did some partnerships with other NFT collections that share our values and that we love. WAGMI!

TDBC x WoW Vanity Fur Gala

And of course, we’ve got YOU-the incredible WoW community! A family that is 4600 members strong, and that’s counting token holders only. You don’t need to be a WoW holder to be in the community, you just have to be passionate about our mission and about creating an inclusive NFT space. We are incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful, diverse, passionate, and supportive community.

None of this would be possible without you, and we are committed to building the future of World of Women for you and with you.

Of course, we missed a lot of people but wanted to take this opportunity to thank every single person we crossed paths with during those few months.

We always made it clear from the beginning that we are here for the long term. Yam and Raph doxxed themselves on day 1 and rumors say you could even see BBA’s and Toomaie’s real faces in Miami. The NFT game is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and we’re ultra trailers.

The past months have been full of incredible encounters with amazing people, intense discussions within the team, but also dozens of hours of brainstorming one big question: What is the future of World of Women?

The answer is World of Women — Galaxy, our effort to bring WoW to the next level, creating an iconic global brand and making a statement not only in the NFT space but also in the real world through multiple impactful actions and roadmap items.

The WoW brand that you currently know was designed for the NFT space. We had great ambitions since the beginning, but World of Women has grown into much more than that in a matter of months. World of Women was in need of a new, powerful and strong brand.

We want the WoW brand to be iconic and easily recognizable. To be as bold as our mission and as distinct as our art. Bonus: it should look good on a plane!

Air WoW One

Now you know why we wanted to wait a bit to launch our own merch line, which will first be available exclusively to WoW holders. And yes, it will launch in the coming weeks.

That’s just a test but pretty cool huh?

Charities have been pivotal in our mission to help women-centered causes around the world. This is why when World of Women was born we decided that it would be a project that donates a significant part of its revenues to charities that share and lift our values.

With World of Women — Galaxy, we wanted to renew our vows to charities.

In order to do that, we asked ourselves a few questions:

Code Green for Green

Inna will provide valuable advice on how we can support the most impactful charitable projects on the planet.

The community has and will always be central to the WoW manifesto. We believe in collaborative intelligence and that thousands of community members are smarter than a team of founders.

This is why we are introducing the DAWoW, a DAO for World of Women that will involve WoW token holders in decisions that will shape the future of World of Women.

While some strategic decisions will remain solely the responsibility of the WoW team, we want to involve WoW holders as much as possible.

Each WoW will give one vote. Tokens of the second collection will provide lower voting power rights.

Both the WoW team and the WoW community will be able to submit proposals that will be curated and subjected to vote.

First proposal is expected to be published just after the winter holidays. More details about the DAWoW to come soon.

You helped make WoW what it is today and we are counting on you to help shape its future.

There are 10,000 original World of Women NFTs in existence and there will never be more.

We always wanted World of Women to be a club that provides exclusive benefits to its members, but at the same time, we also wanted WoW as a community to be as inclusive as possible so that everyone who shares our mission and values can join and be given a voice in the NFT space and in the real world.

With a floor the current floor, we are aware that WoW has become unaffordable for a lot of people. We are also aware that its awesome community is the strength of World of Women. But the financial entrance barrier prevents a lot of potential valuable community members from joining.

Of course, building a second collection based on World of Women has been on our minds for quite some time. We could easily have dropped a companion collection or a derivative collection by now, but as always, we want to make things the right way, and we believe this would have been a premature move and wouldn’t have been beneficial for neither WoW as a brand nor to build value for our holders.

As a founder, you want two things with a second collection:

So yes, there will be an extension to the WoW collection that will be released in 2022. It’s already pretty advanced but we still have a lot of details to polish as we want this collection to be up to the standard deserved by the WoW community.

We want to stay close to the art of WoW and thus, only Yam is creating the assets of this second collection. Now you know why Yam has been sitting in her art cave for so long.

What we can tell you right now is that:

This badass and mysterious woman might or might not be part of the next collection

While we know part of the community is impatient to see this next chapter of World of Women, we believe that it’s the right move to wait for the right timing and make this collection as great as possible to cement the legacy of WoW as an iconic collection in the NFT space and beyond.

We will share more details with you as we lead up to the drop.

We were delighted to host our first WoW party in Miami earlier this month.

We knew since the beginning that the WoW fam was full of amazing, diverse, and brilliant people, but being able to witness that in real life has put a new perspective on the word “Community”.

This is why we’ll be organizing a WoW Gala, that will take place in summer 2022.

While all details are still to be announced, we want this event to be a time for the WoW community from all around the world to gather, have fun together and spend memorable moments together.

We can’t give you more details right now but we will make sure to invite prestigious artists that are aligned with our cause to make the WoW Gala an event that will be remembered in the decades to come.

The first edition of the WoW Gala will probably be held in the US because we know that’s where most of the NFT community is located as well as the biggest part of our collectors.

This is why we also want to encourage local initiatives worldwide in the form of WoW Meetups.

Here are some of the things we’ve got planned for WoW in 2022, we are extremely excited about it and also about everything that is cooking in the back together with the surprises we cannot yet reveal. We hope you are too!
As the NFT world keeps on evolving ever so quickly, we are continuing to build the strong and passionate team that is making WoW leave its mark as a leader in this space.

This year has been life-changing for all of us. We are sometimes astonished and at a loss of words when looking at everything that has happened and that keeps on happening. We cannot wait to see what else the future may bring, but one thing is certain, we will make the most out of every step of the way, things are looking bright and so is WoW.

From the caring WoW team to you, our dear community, we wish you a beautiful end of this year, and may your objectives for 2022 become a reality.

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