Bodies intertwine.. “NO MORE” is published by Ashley Crimson.


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Get over yourself

I have done your job. But, mine involved dead things

I am tired of whispers of my mental state. Why I walked out of a situation that was bad for my mental health. I was constantly being pulled into the office for things that I did not do or one of the others were blaming me for something.

When was that? When you stood there while I changed 8 kegs in five hours? When I took care of multiple people at the same time, 75% of them had multiple growlers to be filled, others just wanted a pint, the rest, wanted to taste. Everything on the line. I was directing traffic, get out of my fucking way. I’m fine. Especially when I’m having to repour almost every one of your beers because it has 2–3 inches of foam. Learn how to do it right or FUCKING MOVE.

You are 24. You have absolutely no management experience. I am 41. For 8 of my 12 hours in EMS, I learned how to run an ambulance, do ordering, make sure we had the supplies we need. Management of staff does not mean bitching them out over syrup when we don’t have enough cups. Ordering is hard. I know, I’ve done it. You really have to have the sheet from next week beside the order sheet. Otherwise, you are just guessing.

Remember that day 10 kegs got changed onto an 8 tap bar? I did that. By myself. While still taking orders. I turned it into a game. Nobody left pissed. Everyone was taken care of. No. I don’t think you did. But, you sure as hell remember that I took two signs down to write and when I switched two lines. I felt like I couldn’t do anything right.

Sure the fuck did. There was nobody at the bar when I ran to show a customer with celiac, so she couldn’t drink beer because of the wheat. But, Ah you have someone who knows a brewery uses corn and is delicious. I had had it the week before. The wife squealed, gave me a hug and bought all five 4 packs. The husband handed me a twenty. I said I couldn’t take tips. But, I did shoot my digital business card. Told him to look at the bottom line. Its my mic fund, I got a beep from the app and it was a nice tip. I come back to the bar. I get lectured for leaving the bar.

Rolling your eyes at me doesn’t make me want to work.

I know what I’m doing. You gaslit me into thinking I wasn’t.

So like any bad relationship, you cut them off. Make them put that gas onto the dumpster fire that they amade.

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