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Como forma de continuar minha dieta digital vim registrar aqui o feedback da primeira semana evitando o consumo excessivo do celular. Me culpo por estar escrevendo esse texto do meu celular mas sem…


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A Design Sprint by iSprint

Having spent some few months as the Digital Officer of Innovation Sprint, an eHealth startup, based in Brussels, I can see how things I learned from working as a Digital strategist in the eCommerce market for the last 6 years, about customers and consumer experience will come in handy.

We are not selling medication nor we are marketing to consumers. With our product Healthentia, we are in the business of challenging the clinical market that is in need of a better customer experience, and that customer is not in the mood for shopping, but just wishes to find better ways to cope with his/hers everyday life while in treatment. So my new vision, adding my expertise with a handful of diverse skilled people set, is to challenge the existing status quo of this industry that is fighting to protect old business processes in a heavily disrupted healthcare market scene.

Th Sprint Book by Jake Knapp

Why now then? Because it was clear to me that now was an opportune moment for us at Innovation Sprint as:

After “Why” comes “How”, and things got a bit tricky. Try convincing 4–5 people runnings their businesses and living in different countries to commit the time and effort to focus on something as challenging and serious but not urgent, and you know what I am talking about. To get the job done, of course, I promised to make the most efficient Design sprint of all times in 2 days instead of 5 by skipping prototyping and testing, that I promised to carry out independently. So basically just squeezed the first 3 days in 2 so no real harm was done.

And so it happened! The Verona Sprint meeting @Arithmos LS and Cros NT offices was on! Arithmos LS is a Life Sciences technology solution provider and Cros NT is a Clinical Research Organization and they are our partners in “crime”, promoting our product Healthentia in the clinical trial market by driving innovation and optimization across the whole process using a patient-centric approach and mHealth technologies.

So we got all together to make it happen, started crafting the Key questions and Long term goal.

Sofoklis Kyriazakos, CEO of Innovation Sprint

Key questions

Emilio Vandelli, Managing Director of Arithmos

Our long-term goal.

Konstantina Kostopoulou, CDO of Innovation Sprint

Having the Goal set, we continued by mapping our product journey for the three different routes: The patient using our ePRO IoT App + wearable, the investigator managing the trial using our portal and the Sponsors at the other collecting insights.

Alfredo Cesario, CSO-BIO of Innovation Sprint

Ask the experts

The mapping process involved a lot of discussions with the experts that were clearly affecting our map with ethical and regulatory limitations of the rigid clinical market. These obstacles started building up like big walls and we thank Paolo, Emilio, Alfredo for their valuable input 😅 giving us some hard time, but pushing us further to find even more creative ways around the obstacles.

The night ended looking ahead, way out into the opportunities, and beautiful Verona.

The Next Day was about finding the Target and starting sketching. We focused on putting features on the ePRO IoT App that could slowly become part of the business process of a clinical trial to ensure patient retention.

Patient Communication Support & Interaction

We spent the day drawing up features on the App and built a roadmap for versions to be released.

Konstantina Kostopoulou, CDO of Innovation Sprint

We promised to meet again soon. We all agreed that the workshop helped us understand more in detail the challenges of the market but also the opportunities.

Till next time, thanks for reading

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